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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Fresh off the Pitt Crew of Drag Race España, we sat down with the Finnish dancer, choreographer and model Tomi Lappi in his newly adopted home of Ibiza to ask him about his life, the universe and a few things in between.

Hey Pit Crew! How was it being on Drag Race España?

Being on Drag Race España was fun more than anything. We got to do camera rehearsals before the queens entered so I’ve officially done my work room entry now and that’s one thing off my bucket list! The production team was full of wonderful people and there was a great family vibe in filming.

You’re a fierce drag performer, will we ever see you on the main stage of Drag Race España? Haha! I’ve just made my comeback in drag doing a burlesque number at Lio Ibiza so we will see what route life wants to take this alter ego of mine. It’s definitely not something I’m planning but also it’s a never say never kind of thing.

Name one thing that makes you happy?

Petting a dog.

Three words that describe your current state of mind?

Surrender. Gratitude. Growth.

Favourite thing to do in the summer?

Listening to ‘discover weekly’ naked on a beach or ‘cala’ after a swim.

Do you have a bad habit?

Smoking! I feel like that’s the only part of the ‘old Tomi’ that I still carry with me. Hopefully not for long though.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have so many yet I tend to not feel guilty over my pleasures. Everything in moderation tends to be acceptable lol. But with chocolate with hazelnuts – gets me every time.

What words or phrase do you overuse?

Ooooooyeeeeeee’ goes with everything and never makes any sense.

What qualities do you most admire in your friends?

Their bravery and willingness to dig up their own bullshit to be able to grow.

What turns you off?

Negativity and gossip – if a conversation often goes down that route next time we arrange to hang out my calendar is probably full. I have a pretty strict rule that conversation only goes to other people when they or what they’ve said or done have a direct relevance to the feeling or experience on one of the people in the conversation is having.

Name a real life hero of yours?

I’m surrounded by real life heroes. I consider myself one – also my family, friends, colleagues and people who inspire and create a positive impact on humanity like Brene Brown, Jenna Zoe, Oprah.

Do you consider yourself a ‘MoCaTriz’ (Modelo, Cantante, Actriz)?

Ha ha! On paper I’ve been paid to all of these and I think I’ve done all of it pretty well! I wouldn’t limit myself to only these three things but whatever part of my I get to explore at any phase in my life is always a little bit more in the hands of where life takes me than my own choice.

What are you excited about this summer?

It’s been such an intense summer emotionally but also it’s been full of joy and lightness. I’m excited about harvesting the results of all the personal growth I’ve been pushed to do artistically, professionally and personally. Discomfort always leads to growth so I’m super excited to reach the next level and also pushing forward with my project ‘Elevate’ which is a online dance party mashed up with a spiritual practise and visualisations that I’ve co-created with one of my idols Jenna Zoe.

How long have you been living in Spain?

I’ve been in and out of Spain for four years now...Seville, Madrid and Ibiza with brief visits to Finland and Italy for work.

Where’s your favourite place to live?

Anywhere that’s warm, sunny and close to nature.

Fill in the blank : ___________________ boys do it better!

Conscious, responsible and emotionally intelligent lol.

Three words that describe your fashion style?

Relaxed, minimalistic and a lot of grey.

Do you have a secret fetish? (Yes or No) If yes, do you want to tell us about it?

Not so much secret and not so much fetish but I love the immediate connection you can have with someone, even a stranger and sometimes eye contact can feel more intense and anything sexual. I love these things because I feel theres always something behind these immediate connections even if it may only be something on the casual side.

What do you know now that you wish you knew two years ago?

SO. MANY. THINGS. Mainly that I don’t have to figure anything out – if I’m awake, life will reveal the answers I need at any given moment when the time is right!

What’s your favourite summer song?

Spiller by Groovejet (this summer and every summer).

For a daily dose of hotness, check out Tomi's Instagram account.

To watch Tomi and Jenna's 'Elevate' click here.

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